I'm a Biologist interested in Fungal diversity (especially Lichens and Macrofungi). I have experience in Taxonomy, Molecular Biology and more recently I started reading and practicing Genomics and Microbiomes.  

There are many reasons to study and conserve Fungi.  Despite their importance, the study of Fungi is usually overlooked by ordinary people and conservation groups. This is the main reason why I chose this group to study early in my academic career.

Contact: alice_gerlach@yahoo.com.br

Twitter: @AliceCLGerlach

 International Association for Lichenology (IAL 9) Symposium
Bonito Convention Center, MS, Brazil August 2-7, 2020
POSTPONED TO August 2021 (due COVID)
Encontro do Grupo Brasileiro de Liquenólogos (EGBL) -
The Brazilian Lichenological meeting
Brazil, 19-23 November 2018
I presented two conferences and one workshop
(all abouth the genus Usnea in Brazil).
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curso-cogu comestivel.jpg
Usneas na lagoa do peri.JPG

Curso de Cultivo de cogumelo comestivel shimeji (Pleurotus sp.) e Rick Foray 2018

Florianópolis, UFSC, December 2018